Promised Messiah’s Claim

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The Claims of the Promised Messiah and Mahdi as, a sub-ordinate prophet and a prophet from amongst the followers of the Holy Prophet Muhammad sa.:

Messiah & Mahdi: Promised Messiah claimed that he was the Messiah and Mahdi whose advent had been foretold in the Holy Quran and Hadith. Read more

Jesus of Nazareth: Promised Messiah claimed that Jesus of Nazareth did not die on the cross, rather he died a natural death and would not return. Read more


The golden principle for ascertaining the truth of a claimant is to find out his own words about the claim, for, those who do not believe in him will never tell you the truth; telling the truth is not in their interest. How can they bring you nearer to the truth when they themselves are far from it.

Quite a lot of things are being said about the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement. His claim is being distorted and accusations are leveled against him in respect of his love and fidelity for the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, and the noble religion of Islam.

Even it is most erroneously alleged that his followers recite a Kalima different from the one given to his Ummat by the Holy Prophet, Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. The mischief mongers go to the extent that the Founder of the Movement, God forbid, distorted the Holy Quran by making some changes in it. There is nothing farther from truth than this malicious statement. I wonder why the people of this ilk don’t fear God.

I reproduce below the extracts from the writings of the Promised Messiah, the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement, peace be on him, and invite those who are still outside the fold to ponder over them.

He says:

Now about my claim which is supported by a host of arguments and proofs….

  • Is it not enough to establish the truth of my claim that the Holy Quran has discussed in graphic detail the signs of and circumstances relating to my coming.
  • In a way, my name too has been foretold.
  • Even the name of my village, namely, Kadaa is also there in the traditions.
  • The traditions further prove that the Promised Messiah will be born in the thirteenth century and will appear in the fourteenth.
  • In the Sahih Bokhari is found the full description of my facial features…..
  • And this too is laid down in as many words that the Promised Messiah will appear to the East of Damascus. And is not Qadian in fact to the East of Damascus?
  • Similarly the timely occurrence of lunar and solar eclipses in the month of Ramadhan just when I had announced my claim to be the Promised Messiah and the people at large had refused to accept this claim as authentic.
  • Similarly, in keeping with the prophecies of the Quran and the traditions, the invention of the railways and the camel’s consequent redundancy;
  • obstacles to the performance of Pilgrimage to Kabaa;
  • the age of the triumph of the cross;
  • the appearance of hundreds of signs at my hands,
  • the present time being exactly the time fixed by the earlier prophets;
  • my being commissioned to the present office at the head of the century;
  • visions and dreams experienced by thousands of virtuous people testifying to my authenticity;
  • the statement of the Holy Quran and of the Holy Prophet, that the Promised Messiah will be one of the Ummat;
  • my affairs being visited by divine succor;
  • the pledge of Baiat (initiation) at my hands by about two hundred thousand people and consequently their following the path of truth and virtue;
  • the crumbling of Christianity as a religion and the subsequent softening of the hold of trinity like the melting snows;
  • the division of Muslims into a large number of denominational sects and their state of decadence and the numerous innovations and deviations from the norm,
  • the current polytheism, alcoholism, sexual promiscuity, dishonesty and falsehood which have run rampant on a global scale and resulted in a great upheaval and crisis in the world
  • and on every dimension tremendous revolutionary changes are taking place in the universe;
  • and as will be borne out by all reasonable people the world needs a reformer;
  • and finally the failure of all to compete with me in miraculously competitive writing
  • and in showing heavenly signs and the fulfillment of hundreds of thousands of divine prophecies in my support.

In short, all these signs and proofs and corroborative circumstances should be sufficient evidence for a God-fearing person to accept my claim…… (Tazkiratush-Shahadatain p38,39)

I called upon you again and again to come and resolve any doubts you might have but none came forward. I invited every one of you with a view to arriving at a final decision but no one responded. I advised you to offer the Istikhara prayer and to supplicate to Allah to reveal the truth to you but you did not do the slightest effort in this regard. Nor did you desist from opposing me. How true it was when Allah said about me: “A Warner came unto this world; the world accepted him not; but Allah will accept him and establish his truth by mighty signs.” How is it possible that a man who is truthful should be wasted? How can it be that one who is sent by Allah should perish?

Therefore, O you people, do not fight with Allah. This indeed is the task which Allah wants done for your sake and for the sake of your faith. Do not oppose Him. You can resist thunder and lightning but you cannot resist Allah. Had this scheme been conceived by man, there was no need of your opposition. 

Allah alone would have been sufficient for its destruction. Is it not a pity that Heaven bears witness but you do not listen? The earth cries “needed, needed” but you refuse to see. O my unlucky people, rise and behold that at this hour when Islam has been trampled under feet, disgraced like a culprit, dubbed as something false and unclean, do you think Allah’s wrath and dignity should not have been roused even now? Skies are on the verge of falling. 

Days are near when every ear will hear the (divine) cry of Anal-moujood — Surely I exist – The non-believers have shown us quite a few things. Now Allah wants to show something. Therefore, do not court His wrath deliberately. Have you not seen the end of the century? Fourteen years more have passed since. Did you not see with your own eyes the eclipses of sun and the moon in the same month of Ramadhan? 

Has not the prophecy about the appearance of the comet Zoo-ul-Saneen been fulfilled? Do you know nothing about the terrible earthquake which recently shook the earth in accordance with the prophecy about the Messiah and devastated a large number of settlements? And was it not foretold that the Messiah’s coming was to synchronize with this earthquake? 

Did you not witness the sign regarding Atham which was shown exactly as was prophesied by our lord and master – the Holy Prophet , peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, and about which warning had been given through Baraheen-i-Ahmadiyya as many as seventeen years earlier? Are you still unaware of the prophecy about Lekh Ram? 

Did anyone ever see that a contest which was almost like a wrestling match should take place and should be widely publicized through advertisements and the press, and should attract the attention of the hundreds of thousands of people and should be attended by a clear and unmistakable sign like the one which was manifested in relation to Lekh Ram? 

Are you not overwhelmed with shame that on seeing your anguish and the shocks you suffered in the thirteenth century, Allah visited you with grace and succour as soon as the fourteenth century was ushered in? Was it not necessary that divine promises should be fulfilled on schedule? 

Come explain what happened to you in the face of all these signs? What has sealed your hearts? O my misguided people, surely Allah can satisfy you provided your hearts are clean. He can attract you provided you are prepared to be attracted. Mark, how critical is the time and how dire are the needs and requirements of Islam! 

Does not your heart bear witness that the present time is the time of divine mercy, that there is great enthusiasm in the heavens for the guidance of mankind and that the case for monotheism is being heard by the one and only Allah Himself? But the blind of this age are so far unaware. They hold this divine movement in utter disregard. How I wish they open their eyes and see for themselves the variety of signs which are descending from above and how Allah helps and how light continues to spread. Blessed one are those who recognize this light.

(Kitabul Bariyya p. 325 to 331)