Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(PBUH)


The Promised Messiah

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, peace be upon him, was born on February 13,1835 in a small village of India known as Qadian. He belonged to a noble family of Moguls who were the rulers in India for several generations. From the very childhood, he indulged in meditation and the remembrance of God so much so that he spent most of his time in the neighborhood Mosque and people used to call him ‘Maseetar’ a person who has fallen in love with (Masjid) Mosque.

He acquired his basic education with three noble teachers who taught him various disciplines of language, philosophy and other important subjects. His father Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Murtaza taught him the art of natural medicine. Being so immersed in the worship and meditations, he began to receive true visions and was also bestowed with the Divine communications in the form of revelations.

In 1882, he was appointed by God Almighty as the reformer of the age. Later, Ahmad” claimed to be the Second Advent of the Messiah and Mahdi people were desperately waiting for as he received a clear revelation from God in this regard. He was the author of more than eighty books to establish the beauties of Islam and correct all the errors found in the dogmas of Christianity and also clear Islamic faith from the myths and wrong traditions that creped into the Islamic ideologies. He declared his mission in the following words:

“I am the light of this Dark Age; he who follows me will be saved from falling into the pit prepared by Satan for those who walk in the dark. I have been sent by God to lead mankind to Him through gentleness and humility, and to reestablish the reign of morals in Islam. God has provided me with heavenly signs for the satisfaction of seekers after truth. He has disclosed to me the secrets of the unseen and of the future, which according to the Holy Scriptures, is a sign for a true claimant of divine revelation, and He has vouchsafed to me Holy and pure knowledge.”

Time Line
He established an organization known as the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam and issued a leaflet in which ten conditions were delineated to join the organization.
He received this startling news from God that Jesus Son of Mary died a natural death and is not alive in heaven as is commonly believed by Muslims and Christians alike.
He invited all the elite Muslim scholars to discuss his claims and hold debates. He also initiated the institution of Annual gatherings this year and these gathering are now being held in more than 75 countries around the world.
He traveled extensively in many cities to propagate the message of Islam. He published many books this year to invite people to learn the beauties of Islam
This year he was taught 40,000 roots of Arabic language through Divine Revelation during the course of one night. He wrote his Arabic books and challenged all his opponents to produce a similar book of linguistic excellence.
The grand prophecy of the eclipses of the sun and moon to vindicate the veracity of Hazrat Ahmad, peace be upon him, was fulfilled during the month of fasting.
His Essay The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam was read at the world religious conference and was unanimously considered to prevail over all other presentations. Hazrat Ahmad, peace be upon him, foretold this great success, thus fulfilling his prophecy.
On March 6, 1897 a Hindu leader Pandit Lekhram died exactly according to the prediction of Hazrat Ahmad, peace be upon him.
The discovery of the millennium made by Hazrat Ahmad, peace be upon him. In his book Raaze Haqeeqat (secret truth unveiled), Hazrat Ahmad, peace be upon him, identified the grave site of Hazrat Isa (Jesus Christ) to be located in Khanyar District, Sri-Nagar, Kashmir, India.
This year he wrote his masterpiece treatise Jesus in India. In this book he described the actual route Jesus (Hazrat Isa) took from Jerusalem to come to Kashmir and presented for the first time several evidences to prove his thesis.
The Revealed sermon manifested as the great sign of Divine succor for Hazrat Ahmad, (peace be upon him).
Hazrat Ahmad, peace be upon him, initiated the literary magazine The Review of Religions.
Hazrat Ahmad, peace be upon him, challenged Dr. Alexander Dowie of U.S.A. and Mr. Piggott of London for a Mubahala (prayer duel). He also prophesied about the death of both within his lifetime.
The White Minaret was founded this year by Hazrat Ahmad, peace be upon him.
Hazrat Ahmad, peace be upon him, disclosed that Krishna, who was deified by Hindus, was, in reality, a true Prophet of God. Krishna was deified in the same way as was Jesus or Buddha and others. Mr. Piggott withdrew his claims this year.
Earthquakes shocked the world in Kangra as was foretold by Hazrat Ahmad, peace be upon him. This year, in his book The Will, he gave the glad tiding of the Second Manifestation of the Divine Power after his demise in the form of Khilafat.
He compiled another book. “Haqeeqat-ul-Wahee” (The Truth of Revelation).
This year he presided the last annual convention of the organization. He vouchsafed another revelation on February 25, 1907 about the pathetic end of Dowie to take place shortly afterwards. Dowie died 14 days after this declaration of Divine revelation.
He took his last journey from Qadian to Lahore and held many lectures, sermons, and interviews. He wrote his last book The Message of Peace in one and half days, just before he passed away. On May 26, 1908 he breathed his last in the 74th year of life.