“Ghulam Ahmad’s Challenge”

Saturday, JUNE 27, 1903


“Ghulam Ahmad’s Challenge”

The Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, Punjab, India, who proclaims himself ? the promised Messiah? and claims already 100,000 followers, has been greatly stirred by the recent prediction of John Alexander Dowie that when the messiah appears, all Muhammadans are to perish.  Therefore he proposes a prayer duel to settle whether Dowie is really “Elijah, the Restorer,” as he says, and whether Ghulam Ahmad is really the “Messiah” as he says.

“Whether the God of Muhammadan or the God of Dowie is the true God” writes Ghulam Ahmad in his organ the Gurdaspur Review of Religions, “may be settled without the loss of millions of lives which Dr. Dowie’s prediction would involve.  He should choose me as his opponent and pray that of us two whoever is the liar may perish first.  He should publish the proposed prayer with the signatures of 1000 men affixed.  Upon receiving it I should address the same prayer to Almighty God, and publish it with the signatures of the same number of witnesses.  If Dr. Dowie has the courage to accept this challenge, he will thereby open a way for all other Christians to the acceptance of truth.”

As far as known Dowie has not yet accepted Ghulam Ahmad?s challenge.  In view of the pictures of self proclaimed Muhammadan Messiah, Dowie might properly object to its terms, Ghulam Ahmad appears to be a much younger man than Dowie.  Hence, in settling the question as to who should die “first.”  Ghulam Ahmad would appear to have the advantage.

Therefore it would seem proper for Dowie to insist upon a change in the terms, to the purport that whichever is the liar shall die immediately.  From such a prayer duel, if it had any result, something of value might be determined.

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