“Dowie Faithful Hold Last Rites”

March 12, 1907

“Dowie Faithful Hold Last Rites”

Ten Score Followers of “First Apostle”
Refuse to Participate in Other Services


Gladstone Continues with Arrangements for
Final Ceremonies on Thursday

Funeral services were held last night for John Alexander Dowie by the little band of the faithful who have stood by him while thousands of the once great restoration host ridiculed and scorned.

Refusing to accept conciliatory measures offered by Gladstone, Dowie in the form of a share in the last rites over his father?s body, Deacon J. W. Cutler and his six assistant deacons, chosen by Dowie as the ecclesiastical rulers of his church in Zion City, held formal services, which, they said, were the only possible ceremonies under the Christian Catholic Apostolic church in Zion.

Cutler had persuaded five of his authorized assistants?Deacons Crawford, Snelling, Chad, Gottschalk, and Braun?to hold to their original stand.  In spite of a drizzling night his residence was crowded, mourners finding places on stairs and windowsills.

Under these conditions, with every person present an ardent follower of the ?First Apostle? in life and death, many of whom had been with him from the founding of the church, the service had a deep religious tone that made it unusually impressive.

Keep Faith With Dowie

“This is the service of the Christian Catholic Apostolic church in memory of John Alexander Dowie, who was the first apostle,” said Deacon Cutler, in opening the meeting.  “I told Gladstone Dowie we ought to hold the burial services and that we could not take part in any other services held by a faction not recognized by the first apostle as his church.  With the other following we have no quarrel.  We are here as the ecclesiastical representatives of John Alexander Dowie to keep faith with him.  We simply cannot participate in any ceremony held by the fruits of darkness, as far removed from him as was the world.”

“We are not here to contend for the body, for we are told that where the body lies there the vultures gather.  We have been contending for six months that we are the real church and that the others, when they withdrew from us, left the church.  They elected another general overseer and so created another church.  He even has been attempting to call it the “Kingdom of God” church, although he has not succeeded, because of the slight remaining spirit of his people.

“Don’t we intend to keep one to fight to the end?  Shall we not obey those in authority given by the first apostle?” he asked, in closing.  Answers of “yes” and “Amen” came from every side.

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