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The Seal Of Zion

Seal of Zion

Author: William Schwager (article published in 1971) The corporate seal of any city denotes the stamp of officialdom. Every important contract must carry the seal in order that such a document signifies authenticity. The city of Zion has such a

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When Zion Ruled the Waves

From the uttermost part of the earth have we heard songs… –Isaiah 24:16 A dot on the map midway between Waukegan and Kenosha, the lakeside Illinois town of Zion doesn’t make the news much these days, but throughout the first

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Welcome to Shiloh House

Author: AMJ Welcome to Shiloh House Home of John Alexander Dowie Founder of Zion SHILOH HOUSE A Self-guided Tour Historic Shiloh House 1300 Shiloh Blvd. Zion, Illinois Self-guided Tour Please note as you tour historic Shiloh House that, in most

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Historic Shiloh House

Author: AMJ Historic Shiloh House 1300 Shiloh Blvd. Zion, Illinois A Brief History The unique history of the City of Zion, as one of the most representative religious Utopias and planned industrial communities established in the 20th Century, affords the

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History of Zion and a Grand Prophecy

Author: Hasan Hakeem Almost one hundred years ago, the City of Zion, Illinois witnessed a powerful Sign of God. It was an undeniable proof of acceptance of prayer and the victory of Love over Hatred. We ask that you the

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