Dowie’s Hatred for the Holy Founder of Islam

John Alexander Dowie can be considered as the bitterest enemy of the Founder of Islam, the religion of Islam and Muslims all over the world. His vituperations were explicitly covered both in his oration and also in his publications. Here are the examples of the headlines in his publications “ Leaves of Healing”

The Terrible Danger to Christianity from Mohammedanism

I warn the Christian nations of America and Europe. Islam is not dead. Islam is full of power. Although Islam must go, although Mohammedanism must be destroyed, remember it will not be wiped out by the effete Latin Christianity; the powerless Greek Christianity; the worn-out Christianity of those who nominally acknowledge Christ and live as gluttons and drunkards and harlots and whoremongers and oppressors.”

(Leaves of Healing, Vol. VII, August 25, 1900)

Zion will have to destroy Mohammedanism

One of the greatest system in Orient is Mohammedanism…The Mohammedan is taught to look forward to heaven as one vast brothel and harem, where he can find satisfaction in women that are prepared for him as the creatures of lust. Zion will have to wipe out that shocking blot upon humanity. That accursed flag will have to come down from the high towers of Jerusalem. May God help me to knock at the gate of the Moslem before long!. The Moslem will fight. There are hundreds of millions of them. One of the great wars imminent is that between the Cross and the Crescent. But, beloved, there is something stronger than steel. It is the Sword of the Spirit. There is something greater than anger, It is Love. Love subdues the man; it subdues the nation, and will reach the heart…

(Leaves of Healing, Volume XIII page 474)

The Unspeakable Turk

How can any one who knows exactly what Mohammedanism is, for one single moment imagine that God or man can forever stand that abomination?

Where the Moslem hoof comes no grass grows’ is the Eastern proverb. Wherever the accursed teaching of Mahomet has come there has been an end of all real progress…. I pray for the day to come when the Crescent shall disappear, and when the flags – I would like to see them united there and everywhere of Great Britain and America shall float over Zion at Jerusalem, as they often do at the city of Zion near Chicago. May God Grant it! It is the time that the Moslem abomination was gone, bag and baggage” as Mr. Gladstone use to say. Let it slink away back into the deserts of Arabia whence the filthy thing emerged…. May God destroy it.

(Leaves of Healing, Volume XII page 526)