A Grand Victorypromised_messiah

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Ever Merciful.

 Dr. John Alexander Dowie,
a false prophet in America,
died according to my prophecy

(A translation from Haqueeqatul Wahih regarding Dowie written by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad)

It may be known; the person whose name is stated above was a bitter enemy of Islam. In addition, he made a false claim of prophet-hood and considered the best of the prophets, the total truth, the sum goodness of prophet-hood, the leader amongst the spiritually pure, namely Holy Prophet Muhammad Mustafa, peace be upon him—as a liar and cheat.  And from his evil self spat out profanity and filthy remarks against him.  Thus, due to his extreme jealousy for the true religion, his self was full of bad inclinations.  And like pigs have no value for pearls, the same way he viewed the unity of Islam with hatred and wanted to crush it.  He believed in Jesus as God, and had such fervor to spread trinity in the world that I have not seen a person with such a passion, although I have read hundreds of books of Christian missionaries.  Thus he writes in his newspaper “Leaves of Healing” dated December 19, 1903 and February 14, 1907, the following:

‘I pray to God that the day may come near when Islam will be annihilated from the world.  Oh God, make it happen—Oh God, make Islam perish.’

Then in his new column of December 12, 1903 after calling himself the true messenger and true prophet, he says, ‘If I am not a true prophet then there is no person on the face of this earth, who can be a prophet of God.’

Other than that he was a firm believer in associating partners with God and used to say that he had been revealed that Jesus would descend from heaven within a period of 25 years and believed in Jesus in reality as God.  Also, he had another thing in him that gave a lot of grief to my heart.  As I have written before, he was the enemy of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, of the worst degree.  I used to subscribe to his newspaper “Leaves of Healing” and all the time I read his filthy attacks.  When his (Dowie’s) mischief were at their apex, I wrote a letter to him in English and invited him for “Mubahila” to pray to God that of the two of us, whoever is false may die in the lifespan of the truthful.  This challenge was sent to him twice.  Once in 1902 and then in 1903.  Several popular newspapers published it.  (Names of some of these newspapers are mentioned in the annexure at the end of this discussion).

In this ‘Mubailah’ I had prayed for bad consequences to happen to the liar.  I had prayed that God might expose the liar with his own judgment.  My discussion on this subject of ‘Mubailah”, as I mentioned earlier, was published in some daily and popular newspapers.  These newspapers belong to Christians that had no relation with me whatsoever, and the reason to publish this challenge in newspaper was that Dr. Dowie, the false prophet, did not respond to me directly.  At last I published the “mubailah” (prayer duel) in those popular newspapers that were widely circulated in the whole world.

It is by the sheer blessings of God that although the editors of these newspapers were American Christians and opponents of Islam, they published my challenge with full exposure in large numbers and this raised a big hue and cry all over America and Europe, even India received the news of this “Mubailah”.  The summary of my “mubailah” was this:

Islam is true, and the Christians faith is false.  I am the same Messiah from God, whose was destined for latter days.  All the scriptures of prophets have promised this; in addition I wrote in it that Dr. Dowie is false in his claim of prophet hood, and in his faith of trinity.  If he accepts my “Mubahilah” (prayer duel) challenge, he will die of a wish less and tortuous death.  Even if he didn’t directly accept my challenge, still he would not be saved from God’s wrath.

In response to this, the unfortunate Dowie, in his paper of December 1903 and September 26, 1903 etc published these few lines:

‘In India there lives a foolish Mohammedan Messiah who writes me again and again that the grave of Jesus the Messiah is in Kashmir, and people say to me, why don’t you reply to this man, but can you imagine that I may respond to such gnats and flies.  If I put my foot on them, I would crush them and destroy their lives.”

Then in his paper of December 19, 1902, he writes:

This is my job to gather people from the East and West, North and South, and inhabit Christians in this Zion City as well as other cities, until the day comes when the Mohammedan religion is totally wiped out of this world.  Oh God show us the day.’

Thus this man, after this “Mubahilah” challenge was published in Europe and America and in this country and throughout the world, continued to heighten his vituperations.  On the other hand, I was waiting that whatever I have sought from God, regarding him and myself; God will definitely pass a judgment.  And this judgment of God will separate the truthful from the false person.  And I always prayed in this regard and sought the death of the accursed.  Thus repeatedly God told me that you will prevail and the enemy will perish.  Then, fifteen days before the death of Dowie, God spoke his words to me and informed me of my victory.  This revelation I published in my booklet named “Aryas of Qadian and Us” on the second page after the title page, almost two weeks before Dowie’s death.  This revelation was as follows:

Prophecy of a New Sign:  God says that I will show a new sign, which will have glorious victory.  It will be a sign for the whole world (meaning it would not be restricted to India), and it will be God’s very personal sign and from the heavens.  It is mandated for human beings to stay watchful, for God will show it very soon.  So that He may stand witness, that this humble person, who all nations are bad-mouthing, is from him. Blessed are those who may benefit from it. (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah, February 20 1907)

It is evident, such a sign that is a sign of a grand victory, that will be a clear sign for the whole world—Asia, America, Europe and India—it is only the sign regarding the death of Dowie.  Because a lot of signs I had prophesied were restricted to Punjab and India, and nobody in Europe or America had any knowledge of them.  But this sign, as a prophecy, was told in Punjab but it was destined to be fulfilled in the death of a person, whom everybody knew in Europe and America.  And the news regarding the death of Dowie was given telegraphically to English newspapers of these countries.  Pioneer, a newspaper published from Alahbad, India dated March 1, 1907 andCivil and Military Gazette, published from Lahore) in its March 12th, 1907 issue, as well as Indian Daily Telegraph, published from Luckhnow, India) dated March 12th, 1907 all have published about this news.  This person (Dowie) due to his worldly status was comparable to great Lords and Princes.  Mr. Alexander Russell Webb, who has converted to Islam in America, wrote a letter to me regarding Dowie.  He stated that Dr. Dowie lives a lifestyle of Lords and Princes in this country (America) and despite his respect and popularity in American and Europe, due to God’s blessings, my subject matter was published by popular newspapers that are published daily and this prophecy was publicized in all of America and Europe.

And then after the mass publication, the death and disaster to which it was foretold in this prophecy happened so vividly that it is impossible to comprehend a more clearer and complete fulfillment.  Every aspect of Dowie’s life was hit with disaster.  He was exposed as an embezzler of funds.  He taught that alcohol was forbidden, yet he himself proved to be a drunkard.  And he was kicked out in disgrace from Zion City, which he himself had established after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Furthermore, he was deprived of over six million dollars of his own money.  His wife and son turned against him.  His father declared that he was born of an illicit relationship.  Thus he was recognized as an illegitimate child by his nation.  He used to claim that he healed the sick with his miracles.  All of his lip service proved as false and he was hit with all kinds of insults.  At last, he suffered an attack of paralysis and was physically carried as a helpless person by a few people from place to place, and then because of sadness and depression he lost his mind and his mental faculties could not function properly.  His claim that he had a long life to live, and his claims of becoming younger by the day while others were getting old, turned out to be utterly false and fraud.  Finally, in the first week of March 1907, he died a painful and miserable death.

It is clear.  What could be a miracle other than this one?  Because my real job is to break the cross, so Dowie’s death broke a big part of the cross.  Because he was the supporter of the cross to the highest degree, he claimed himself as a prophet and it was he, who said that due to his prayers all Muslims of the world would perish, and Islam will vanish and the holy house (Ka’aba) will be deserted.  So God eradicated him before my presence.  I know that due to Dowie’s death, the prophecy regarding the killing of pigs came true.  For who is more dangerous than a person who made false claims for prophet-hood and ate the filth of falsehood like pigs.

Like Dowie wrote himself that he had a belonging of about one hundred thousand who were very rich. The truth is that the personalities of Musa’lama kazab and Aswad Ansi were nothing compared to Dowie.  Neither did they enjoy the respect Dowie had, nor did they share the kind of wealth Dowie had.

Thus I can swear that he was the same pig about whom it was foretold by the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, who’s death was destined at the time of the Promised Messiah.  If I would not have invited Dowie toward this “Mubailah”, and if I would not have prayed for his bad end, and if I would not have publicly declared the prophecy regarding his death, his death would not have been a sign for the truthfulness of Islam.  Since I published it in hundreds of newspapers that Dowie will die in my lifetime and I am the Promised Messiah and Dowie is false, and I wrote repeatedly that this is the proof that he will die of a very disgraceful death.  Thus he died in my lifetime.  There could be no other clear miracle that proves the truthfulness of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).  Now if anyone denies it, he would be the enemy of truthfulness.

 Written by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah
Qadian, District Ghurdaspur, Punjab, India
April 7, 1907



Chicago Interpreter, July 28, 1903.
“Will Dowie Come Forward For This Duel?”

The newspaper gave both of our pictures side by side and wrote that Mirza Sahib says Dowie is a liar and I pray that he be eradicated in my lifetime, and he adds that the way to separate truth from falsehood is to pray to God, that whoever is the liar, may he die in the life of the truthful.

Daily Telegraph, July 5, 1905.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sends a challenge to Dowie, that, O person, who is a claimant of prophet-hood, come and engages in a “Mubailah” with me.  Our duel is with prayers.  We will both pray to God that, whoever is false of the two of us, may die first.

Argonaut, San Francisco, December 1, 1902.

The summary of Mirza Sahib’s letter to Dowie is this that you are a leader of a group and I have a following too.  Thus, to decide who is from God each one of us may pray to his own God, and whosoever’s a prayer are accepted would be considered from the true God. The prayer will be that from amongst the two, whoever is a liar, may die earlier.  Definitely this is a prudent and fair suggestion.

Literary Digest, New York, June 20, 1903.

It published my picture and talks in detail about “Mubahilah” i.e. both parties, Dowie and I, pray that the liar may die in the lifetime of the truthful person.

New York Mail and Express, June 28, 1903.

Title is “Mubahilah” (Prayer Duel) and details are given

Rochester Herald, June 25, 1903.

Calls upon Dowie to pick up the challenge and gives details on “Mubahilah”

Boston Record, June 27, 1903.

Boston Advertiser, June 25, 1903.

Boston Pilot, June 27, 1903.

Washington Pathfinder, June 27, 1903.

Chicago Intrusion, June 27, 1903.

Worcester Spy, June 28, 1903.

Rochester Democratic Chronicle, June 25, 1903.

Chicago Newspaper (date and name not legible)

Chicago Instrusion, June 28, 1903.

Albany Press, June 25, 1903.

Baltimore American, June 25, 1903.

Buffalo Times, June 25, 1903.

New York Mail, June 25, 1903.

Boston Record, June 27, 1903.

Desert English, June 27, 1903.

Helena Record, July 1, 1903.

Groom shire Gazette, July 17, 1903.

Newton Chronicle, July 17, 1903.

Houston Chronicle, July 3, 1903.

Suanna News, June 29, 1903.

Richmond News, July 1, 1903.

Glasgow Herald, Oct 27, 1903.

New York Commercial Advertiser, Oct 26, 1903.

Morning Telegraph, New York, Oct 28, 1903.

These are all the newspapers that we have received.  It seems that there were hundreds of other newspapers, where this matter was mentioned.